The city of Gaziantep is located in the south of central Turkey in the limestone hills region north of the city of Aleppo in Syria. Recent excavations have discovered parts of pottery that indicate the settlement of the area since the early fourth millennium BC.The city was named after Hamtab in the Middle Ages, and the city is characterized by a strategic location due to its proximity to the old commercial roads, and it was called the name Aintab at the time of the Ottomans, which means a good water spring, the city contains many historical buildings, including the destroyed castle built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I In addition to the existence of mosques dating back to the eleventh century,The sixteenth, the faculty of theology dates back to the Middle Ages, and includes an archaeological museum that includes a distinguished collection of Hittite seals that were discovered in the region. The economy of the city of Gaziantep Gaziantep is known as a very important commercial and industrial center: It is famous for the production of wines, tobacco, anise seeds, goatskin carpets, copperware, halva, baklava, molasses, pistachios, textiles, and shell-shaped furniture. Other information about the city of Gaziantep In the city there is a large park beside the Euphrates. The city of Gaziantep has more than 180 pastry shops, producing the best baklava in the world. It contains a mosaic museum called the Zeugma Mosaic Museum.

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