It is a Turkish city located in the south of the country, it is famous for its port on the Mediterranean coast and it is one of the largest ports in Turkey, and it is famous for many coasts, including: Kulak Koy, Aschalle, Gishmeli, Limas, Ovacik, Tash Ojo, Balik Ufa, and Arun. Mersin is tenth place among the Turkish cities in terms of congestion, as its population in 2015 reached about 1.727.255 people. Among the most important tourist places in Mersin: Quraqyus Fort: Its construction dates back to the fourteenth century, and historical documents confirm that Roman, Persian and Ottoman civilizations have a role in its restoration. The coast of Mersin: characterized by calm and purity, as it contains many luxurious and cheap hotels at the same time. Anamur Valley: Calm green nature prevails, it stems from the mountains of Tarsus and empties into the medium white ink. Mamoura Castle: It is a huge fortress that was created as part of Roman civilization, in order to protect the state from the sea side, as it represents the prowess of previous nations in construction and engineering. Tarsus Museum: Which was established in 1971 AD, where the government collected all the monuments and historical monuments of the civilizations that settled in them, and put them in the museum, while Tarsus is a mountain range, which starts from Mersin and ends in Lebanon. Elisu Waterfall: The waterfall originates from the mountains and empties into a natural lake, located among green trees In terms of economics: It has a free zone that was established in 1986, as it includes warehouses, shops, engineering workshops, dismantling, assembly, insurance companies, packaging, packaging, and exhibition facilities, as it is a public property of all foreign investors, which distinguishes it by being close to the main markets in North Africa, eastern and western Europe, the Middle East, the Russian Federation and Central Asia, and its trading volume for the year 2002 reached approximately 51.8 billion dollars. Its economy depends mainly on the port, which is an international center for ships going to Europe, with a capacity of about 6000 ships annually, and also has 45 berths. Its unemployment rate is 6.7%. Adana Airport is about 69 km away It has a "wide road" highway, connecting it to the west, east, and north, and it is also linked from the south on the railway line.

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