The city of Trabzon is a Turkish city located at an altitude of 39 meters above the sea level, which is a port located on the Black Sea, and a major commercial and transportation center, where food and tobacco products are exported. Trabzon is the capital of the Trabzon region which is located in northeastern Turkey. Many aspects of the Middle Ages where the heart of the city is located on a flat plain, triangular in shape between two deep valleys, while retaining the ancient Roman port at its base. Until that clips Is famous for its dense forests and is densely populated, and produces many cultivated crops such as fruits and nuts. Among the most important landmarks in the city of Trabzon: Trabzon Castle: This castle is located in Trabzon and dates back to the Byzantine era, and it consists of three fortresses, where experts believe that the upper part of the castle dates back to approximately 2000 BC when it was used as a fortress, then the middle fortress and lower fortress was built by Alexius II Also, a signature of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II was found on one of the gates to the castle. Sumela Monastery: Sumela Monastery is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Trabzon, and it is an amazing building located on a steep cliff overlooking the beautiful landscape. The monastery includes the Greek Orthodox Church that was built in 386 AD at an altitude of 1200 meters above the park National Altendra. Uzungol Village: Uzungol Village is located in the south of Trabzon, and it is one of the most popular places for city dwellers to spend time in nature. It is a beautiful village surrounded by green mountains and contains a large lake in the middle. It is also an ideal place for relaxation, exercise, and hiking long.

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